20 Tips to Make the Most of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Stores Before They Close

As news breaks about Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores closing in various locations, many shoppers are feeling the pinch. These stores have long been go-to destinations for budget-conscious consumers. If your local store is closing, it’s important to maximize your shopping trips before the doors shut for good. Here are 20 tips to help you make the most of your visits.

1. Stock Up on Essentials

Before your local Dollar Tree or Family Dollar closes, stock up on essentials like toiletries, cleaning supplies, and non-perishable food items. These stores often offer these items at unbeatable prices.

2. Check for Clearance Sales

Closing stores often have clearance sales to get rid of inventory. Keep an eye out for markdowns and special deals that can save you even more money.

3. Use Coupons Wisely

Both stores accept manufacturer coupons. Pairing coupons with already low prices can lead to substantial savings. Check online and in local newspapers for available coupons.

4. Buy Seasonal Items Early

With the store closing, seasonal items might not be restocked. Purchase decorations, party supplies, and holiday items early to avoid missing out.

5. Explore New Products

Dollar stores frequently update their inventory. Take time to explore new products that you might not have noticed before.

6. Compare Prices

Compare prices with other local stores to ensure you’re getting the best deals. Sometimes, items might be cheaper elsewhere, especially with a sale or discount.

7. Purchase Storage Solutions

Organizational items such as bins, baskets, and containers are usually affordable at dollar stores. Stock up to keep your home tidy.

8. Invest in Craft Supplies

If you’re into DIY projects, grab craft supplies while you can. Dollar stores often have a great selection of affordable materials.

9. Check Expiration Dates

When buying food items, always check expiration dates to ensure you’re getting fresh products.

10. Look for Health and Beauty Deals

From personal care items to over-the-counter medications, these stores offer a variety of health and beauty products at low prices.

11. Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Sign up for any loyalty programs or newsletters that offer additional discounts or early access to sales.

12. Buy in Bulk

For items you use frequently, consider buying in bulk. This can save you multiple trips and ensure you don’t run out of essentials.

13. Shop for School Supplies

Dollar stores are excellent places to buy school supplies. Stock up on notebooks, pens, and other essentials before back-to-school season.

14. Consider Gift Items

Browse for inexpensive gift items. You can find everything from toys to home decor that make for thoughtful presents.

15. Don’t Forget the Pet Supplies

Pet food and accessories can also be found at great prices. Stock up on treats, toys, and other pet essentials.

16. Prepare for Emergencies

Purchase items for your emergency kit, such as batteries, flashlights, and first-aid supplies.

17. Check Social Media for Deals

Follow Dollar Tree and Family Dollar on social media for updates on sales, new arrivals, and closing announcements.

18. Shop Off-Peak Hours

To avoid crowds, try shopping during off-peak hours. This can make for a more pleasant and efficient shopping experience.

19. Build a Gift Stash

Buy potential gifts and store them for future occasions. This can save you time and money when birthdays and holidays come around.

20. Plan Your Shopping Trips

Make a list of what you need before heading to the store. This helps you stay focused and ensures you don’t forget important items.

As Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores close, these tips can help you take full advantage of the deals and products they offer. Happy shopping!

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